+ Christmas Chess Gift Guide

Chess King is the gift that keeps on giving!

ChessKingCertificate Giving chess for the holidays is one of the most useful gifts you could ever make.

For yourself or your spouse, it will guarantee you keep your mind fresh and active by challenging you daily to fun chess exercises and puzzles. For a young player who is just starting chess, it will provide guidance and fun for a healthy hobby that will follow during a lifetime.

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Chess King is the world leader in Chess Education, we have you covered on every platform you use (Windows/Mac and Android/iOS, phones/tablets)! See below the article “How to become a Chess Master” for different chess gifts ideas depending on who it is for. Summary and links:

Gift idea for a Beginner

Young beginner players should learn rules and get tips from video courses then practice them with interactive exercises to confirm they understood well.

• Premium Beginner (5) Video Courses: $2.99/month, $19.99/year, $49.99/life
• Ct-Art 6.0 Complete Tactics: $1.99/month, $14.99/year, $29.99/life
• 60 Chess King Courses: $9.99/month, $65.99/year, $199.00/life

Gift idea for a Beginner/Intermediate

Young intermediate players should start analyzing their games with Grandmaster software like Chess King 21 to find mistakes, study opening theory, and study master games.

• Chess King 21 playing/analyzing Software for Windows $44.95
• Ct-Art 6.0 Complete Tactics: $1.99/month, $14.99/year, $29.99/life
• All (68) Chess King Learn Courses: $14.95/month, $99.95/year, $249.00/life

Gift ideas for Intermediate/Advanced Players

• Chess Assistant playing/analyzing Software for Windows $94.95
• All (3) Chess Informant Encyclopedias of Combinations: $27.99/life
• All (68) Chess King Learn Courses: $14.95/month, $99.95/year, $249.00/life

Tip: in the main page of the Chess King Training shop there are money-saving combos. Also on the Chess King App page a popup will show you a current coupon code which will save you money. Here is a full list of all courses that are included in all subscriptions. Happy holidays!

Below is a short article on the best educational path to improve at chess.

By Diego Garcés, Chess King CEO

You love chess. You want to become better, You want to win games, to solve difficult positions, stop making mistakes. You want to become an expert! How? CHESS KING, the world leader in Chess Education, will show you how!



If you’re a beginner, start with the Premium Beginner Video Pack, with easy-to-follow lessons that will teach you all the basics about play, openings, tactics & strategy, endgames. Includes first 2 years of instruction. Only $2.99/month, or $19.99/year or $49.99/Forever. All platforms. Buy it here.


To improve, Beginners will need to do INTERACTIVE exercises to see if they understood the material.There are many courses to choose from, the best are “Learn Chess: From Beginner to Club Player”, “Chess Tactics for Beginners”, “Mate in 1”. You can buy a “Beginner Pack” for $9.99/year or $29.99/forever. All platforms. Buy them here.


The next step is to play against the computer or a friend, analyze your games with a Grandmaster level engine, study openings and champions’ games.You can do that on your PC with either Chess King for $44.95 or Chess Assistant for $94.95. Upgrades cheaper. Windows PC’s. New versions just out! Contact us if you have questions!

Intermediate players will need to work on tactics quite a bit, a great choice is the Ct-ART 6.0 pack (10,000 exercises) for only $29.99 forever, or the fantastic Chess Informant Encyclopedia of Combinations (3 volumes, $27.99 forever). If you are really serious about chess, we recommend the whole Premium Chess King 60 courses, $9.95/month or $65.95/year or $199.00 forever. All platforms. It’s a perfect Christmas present, too!

All the deals and combos below can be found in our store

All the deals and combos above can be found in our store

Convekta and Chess King have been developing quality chess learning courses and professional analysis and database management tools since 1991, and now can offer you the best modern toolset for learning how to play chess and improving your skills on ALL PLATFORMS. 60+ courses! Visit Chess King Learn on the web.

Watch below a 1-minute video about Chess King Learn.

The ultimate subscription works on all 60 Chess King Learn courses, web, mobile, online and offline!


Subscribing in a mobile store only gives access on that platform (iOS or Android). 
I.e. if you buy on iPhone it will only work on iPhone! Same for Android!
The best deal is to subbscribe at chessking.com to get multi-platform access to courses across Web and top-rated iOS and Android OS apps
The Universal courses bought on Chess King will work on all devices, just link to your Chess King account! Even if you have different Apple or Google ID’s!

Downloaded courses in a mobile app are also available even offline.
The best deal is to get the forever courses, comes out to just over $2 per complete course.

All progress is saved and synced automatically. SUBSCRIBE NOW AND SAVE!

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